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Nakasei Nikuzuki | Kyoto A meat restaurant opened by a restaurant famous for aged meat|UMAMI

Nakasei Nikuzuki | Kyoto A meat restaurant opened by a restaurant famous for aged meat

Date of visit: Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cold consomme soupCold consomme soup


Founded in 1981, Nakasei converted their business from trading in livestock to selling meat.


Marushin Hanten is recommended by Takuzo Kadono, an actor who publishes gourmet books about Kyoto.

The specialty of “Marushin Hanten” and their aged pork dumplings use the meat from Nakasei.

The procession of "Marushin rice shop".It's not much.No, this is a procession after 15:00.The procession of “Marushin hanten”.It’s not much.No, this is a procession after 15:00.


There is a long line at meal times.

The dumplings made with aged meat were delicious.

I wonder what the original “Nakasei” is like.

I visited the restaurant Nakasei Nikuzuki where we can eat.

I walked from the Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Train Line.

It took about 15 minutes.


Basic information about Nakasei Nikuzuki

Official site

AddressKyoto, Higashiyama-ku, Inari-cho Kitagumi 573
Business hoursNoon 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (2:00 p.m. L.O.)
Night 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. L.O.)

It is different from Nakasei in Tokyo.

I recommend Nakasei Nikuzuki to the following people

People who want to eat in small groups in a restaurant with an atmosphere

People who are okay even with firm meat (I wonder if this day it was just overcooked too baked? The taste was delicious.)

Nakasei Nikuzuki appearance

Appearance of "Nakasei"Appearance of “Nakasei”


The entrance does not face Shirakawa river, so be careful.

You can see Shirakawa from the window of the seat.You can see Shirakawa river from the window of the seat.


The weather is nice and the view from the window is pleasant.

The inside of the shop of "Nakasei"The inside of the shop of “Nakasei Nikuzuki”


There is no table next to mine, so I don’t care about the surroundings.

There are only five table seats and counter seats.

There are only natural light from the windows, the room is a gentle impression.

Nakasei Nikuzuki cuisine

The table has green and is soothing.The table has green and calm down.


I ordered a diced steak (It came to 3,980 yen tax included).

Cold consomme soupCold consomme soup


I was served cold consomme soup with alum, wood buds, red-axis spinach and salted meat.

Japanese ginger and tree buds bring freshness to the mouth.

Medium-sced Nikki SaladSalad


Today's main diced steakToday’s main diced steak


The diced steak with Japanese mustard, salt made in Yagajijshma
(Yagajishima in Okinawa) and a small plate of soy sauce.

The side dishes were radish seeds, mashed potatoes and mustard mizuna.

The diced steak that I’d been waiting for appeared!

I take a bite.


It was as hard to chew as when I ate broiled pig innards .

From the second cut,  cut it into small pieces with a fork.

It is hard enough to put a decent effort even with a fork.

It seems to be overcooked.

Three slices are like this, and it is regrettable because the taste is good.

The remaining three pieces were soft and delicious.

I should have chosen a hamburger.

The Japanese mustard was my most favorite seasoning that matched the meat perfectly.

The seed of the radish of the side.

I ate it for the first time.

It was fried and salty, and I ate it.

The mustard mizuna is spicy and accents the meal well.

Until now, I thought that mashed potatoes were neither good nor bad, no matter which shop I ate.

These mashed potatoes made me think “oh, delicious” and was not just a side dish.

Bread of "Nakasei"Bread


Gateau chocolat with passion fruit, rare cheesecake, tofu mousse with orange and kiwiGateau chocolat with passion fruit, rare cheesecake, tofu mousse with orange and kiwi



Gateau Chocolat with Passion Fruit.

A little hot pepper as a hidden flavor.

The spiciness of the pepper was out on the whole surface.

Some like it and some don’t.

I wanted to eat only Gateau Chocolat without hot pepper.

Rare cheesecake with rich gorgonzola.

I only like mozzarella cheese (I’m not a fun of blue cheese) but I found it to be delicious.

It looks like fresh cream with tofu mousse orange and kiwi.

It mellows the acidity.

Nikzuki CoffeeI made it to coffee.


You can choose coffee, hot tea or ice cream.

I was full.

The menu is different, but if you want to take it home, you can also do take out  at Nakasei Ai  in Kyoto-Takashimaya department store.

"Medium- to Ei" in the basement of Takashimaya, Kyoto“Medium- to Ei” in the basement of Takashimaya, Kyoto



Review of Nakasei Nikuzuki

Unfortunately some of the meat was tough.

Whether you like the Gateau Chocolat or not depends on your palate, but the others were very delicious.

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Sainara(See you).




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