Nakamuraro | Lunch at a well-established restaurant that has been around for 480 years,popular menu is Dengaku Tofu

Date of visit: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Nakamura-ro tree buda raku tofuDengaku tofu


We went to the restaurant called Nakamura-ro, which was founded in Muromachi period and has been in business for 480 years.

They started running the business as a Mizuchaya in front of the gate of the shrine, at the end of the Edo period, and it became one of the best cooking teahouses in Kyoto.

Torii of Yasaka Shrine (It is not a torii from Shijo-dori seen on TV.)It’s the South Tower Gate.Go through and your right hand immediately.

Next to the restaurant, the Nakamura-ro tea shop, Gion Nikenchaya, is also available, where you can enjoy light snacks.

Nakamura-ro no ChayaNakamura-ro Tea Shop

Basic information about Nakamura-ro

Official site

AddressIn the Torii of Yasaka Shrine, Gion-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Business hours
TsurukamematsuLunch Monday to Sunday 11:00-14:00
Dinner Mon-Sun 17:00-19:00
ZashikiMonday-Sunday 11:00-19:00
You need reservations.
Directions10 minutes on foot from the Keihan main Line Gion Shijo Station, Exit 6

13 minutes on foot from the Hankyu Kyoto Line Kawaramachi Station, Exit 1B

I recommend Nakamura-ro to the following people

People who want to eat authentic Japanese food should go to Nakamura-Ro.”

Private rooms can also be reserved for up to 50 people (receptions, rituals, etc.), so it is suitable for everyone who wants to eat Japanese food.

Exterior and interior of Nakamura-ro

The exterior of Nakamura-roThe exterior of Nakamura-ro


Nakamura-ro's IntrospectionNakamura-ro’s interior


There are counter seats and table seats.

It’s so quiet that you wouldn’t know it’s near the crowded Shijo Kawaramachi tourist area.

It’s nice and comfortable with greenery to enjoy.

Nakamura-ro's gardenNakamura-ro’s garden


The weather was nice and the green was very good.

The season of autumn leaves seems to be good, too.

Nakamura-ro’s cuisine

I ordered “Hiru-no-kaiseki” (6,480 yen including tax).

Nakamura Ro's WritingNakamura ro’s menu


(Usui Tofu Snap Peas, Usui Beans, Hoshiso, Beanseed Sauce)(Usui Tofu Snap Peas, Usui Beans, Hoshiso, Beanseed Sauce)


Vivid green.

In the past, I had only eaten hoshiso with sashimi.

In the appetizer made of the bean paste of the season, hoshiso is accented, and the flavor is different from when it is eaten with sashimi.

Even people who are not good at bean are ok.

Sucking (oil-eye abrame katsuuchi, yomogi tofu, needle-dou live Udo wood bud)Soup (Aburame Kudzuuchi, yomogi tofu, Udo,wood bud)


Yomogi tofu was on the menu, but based on the ingredients, the Yomogi tofu was actually Atsuage tofu.

Aburame is a fish.

It had a light taste.

The drop on the lid of the soup indicates what the contents are.

Sashimi (Isaki Frost Frost Isaki Yakimo Mizumatsuna Mirna Murame Tosa Soy Sauce)Sashimi (Isaki Yakimo Mizumatsuna Mirna Murame Tosa Soy Sauce)


Isaki also had a simple taste.


The eight-sun is chimaki sushi, kodon fried chicken, sardine tade, tenaga shrimp tsukudani, Anako Hachimanmaki, Shinjona Junsai, sweet vinegar, one size bean, tsubo lily rootThe Hassun is chimaki sushi, sweetfish fried chicken, tenaga shrimp tsuyani, Anago Yahatamaki, Shin-Junsai, sweet vinegar, bean, Iris lily root


In the sushi bowlThis is one of Hassun,chimaki sushi.


The sushi has a faint scent of bamboo grass and is delicious.

The rice cooker is a mulberry wharf, Untan, and Fukian, a crab.The boiled dish is a bamboo shoots, sea ​​urchin, and butterbur.


I ate sea urchin for the first time in a long time.

So I only took a little and savoured it well.

Stop, Rice, Tokisilazu, Incensesoup, Rice(Tokisilazu,Seri)、 pickles


It’s called “tokishirazu” in Japanese.

I couldn’t read the Chinese characters.

Even though I wasn’t able to read it, I understood that if you’re a salmon lover, you will find this fish delicious too.


The name of the type of salmon caught in the summer is the same as the type of salmon caught in autumn, chum salmon. However, since summer salmon are not caught before spawning season, they have no eggs or milt and their bodies have plenty of fat, so summer salmon tastes better.

The origin of this type of salmon’s name is that salmon are originally caught in autumn. Since they are also caught during summer (out of season), they are said to be timeless since they do not follow the usual seasonal patterns.


Nakamura-ro tree buda raku tofuNakamura-ro Dengaku tofu


Single item writingSingle item menu


This month’s “Hiru-no-kaiseki” did not contain the specialty Dengaku tofu.

There is also no Dengaku tofu this month.

This time, I ordered additional items separately.

It does not look good, but the flavor of the bud of the tree spreads to the mouth, and it is a taste that the children do not understand.

Homemade sweets (Katsukiri), matchaHomemade sweets (Kuzu-kiri), matcha


I like the intensity of this matcha.

Long time no see?

No, no, it’s the most delicious matcha I’ve ever had.

Nakamura-ro: Review of the Members of the Gastronomy Club

Nakamuraro was delicious, and It was fun because I was surprised that they used this food like this way.

I’d like to visit you again when the season changes,because the menu changes depending on the season

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Sainara(See you).


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