Imobo Hiranoya |We visited at a long-established restaurant that lasts more than 300 years.

Date of visit: Sunday, May 5, 2019

Famous Imobo (Taro, Bar)Famous Imobo (Taro, Cod)


The technique and taste of secret recipe that has been going on for more than 300 years since the Genroku.

Genroku・・・Genroku (元禄) was a Japanese era name (年号nengō, “year name”) after Jōkyō and before Hōei. This period spanned the years from ninth month of 1688 through third month of 1704.The reigning emperor was Higashiyama-tennō (東山天皇).  Source:Wikipedia

Eiji Yoshikawa and Yasunari Kawabata (novelists) went to Imobo Hiranoya, which was called delicious.

Basic information of Imobo Hiranoya

Official site

AddressIn Maruyama Park, Gion-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City (north side of Yasaka Shrine)
Business hours11:00-20:30 (last entry 19:30 L.O 20:00) open all year round
AccessCity bus: Gion bus stop about 3 minutes on foot
Keihan Train: Gion Shijo Station, about 10 minutes’ walk
Hankyu train: Kawaramachi Station, about 15 minutes’ walk

Imobo Hiranoya is recommended for such people

Other than the person that the meal is not good that it is sweet

Imobo is sweet.It is moderate sweetness, but people who are not good at the sweetness of the meal might be worried.

Imobo Hiranoya

The exterior of Imobo HiranoyaThe exterior of Imobo Hiranoya


Introspection of Imobo Hiranoya (Zashiki)Introspection of Imobo Hiranoya (Zashiki)


Introspection of Imobo Hiranoya (Chaya-style)Introspection of Imobo Hiranoya (Chaya-style)


There is also a large hall and a private room.

The garden of Imobo HiranoyaThe garden of Imobo Hiranoya


The azaleas were in full bloom.

The unfortunate thing about Imobo Hiranoya

I used a tea shop-style seat.

Mito Komon (I wonder if it is transmitted to people born after 1990.)Once upon a time, a period drama called Mito Komon was broadcast on TV) seemed to take a break in the middle of the trip, and the atmosphere was good.

The cushion swelled, but because of my thin body shape, my butt hurt by the time I got home.

Imobo Hiranoya’s cuisine

I received a Hana-Gozen (3,000 yen tax excluded).

Tea and teaTea and Tea confectionery


The tea is similar to soba-boro and has a simple taste.



It is said that the tea confectionery is 700 yen (excluding tax) of “Imoboru” which is 100% Yamatoimo.

I bought it and went back.

Umedon (Hisago egg, Kyoto kamaboko, shiitake mushroom, three leaves, Kyoyuba, mouth is Yamazaki)Umebowl (Hisago egg, Kyoto kamaboko, shiitake mushroom, Mitsuba, Kyoyuba, garnish is Japanese pepper)


The famous restaurant has a good soup stock, and it tastes relieved.


Tororonorimaki (Maruimo norimaki with Tosa vinegar)Tororonorimaki (Maruimo norimaki with Tosa vinegar)


When I put it in my mouth, I got the incense of the ocean from the norimaki.

Because it was Tosa vinegar, the acidity was not strong, and it was a gentle taste.

Famous Imobo (Taro, Bar)Famous Imobo (Taro, Cod)


The taste is moderately sweet.

It was taro on this day.

Depending on the season, the potato may be taro or shrimp potato.

Shrimp potatoes are from mid-October to mid-April
(Because it changes depending on the harvest, please check with the shop if you are worried about it.)

Gion tofu, Japanese food, pickles, riceGion tofu, side dish, pickles, rice


Gion tofu is covered with Yoshino Kudzu and has a mustard (yellow in the middle).

The side dish was Konjac, white miso, and spinach.

Comments from members of the Imobo Hiranoya Gastronomy Club

I ate it for the first time this time.

This is the rumored “Imobo”.Humhum.

If you have a chance, it is a dish that you want to eat what kind of food once.

A stopover spot near Imobo Hiranoya: Gion and Higashiyama stop-by spots

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I want to eat delicious food again!Work!



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