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My Profile|UMAMI

My Profile

I will write about my impressions and facts about the restaurants I visit in my blog.

That said, it is my subjective opinion.

I think it will be more helpful if you know my food preferences.

I am allergic to cow’s milk, so I almost never eat soups made with cow’s milk.
Cheese is okay.

I prefer lightly flavored foods.
I do not like dishes that use sugar unnecessarily or garlic to stimulate and whet my appetite.

I prefer to eat yakiniku with salt or wasabi rather than sauce.

As for fast food, I like Mos burger and KFC.

As for family restaurants, I prefer Royal Host.

As for cup noodles, I prefer Nissin’s Seafood Noodle.

I like something that shows the taste of the ingredients.

These are the tastes of the people who write this blog.