Reserve a specialty soft-sell turtle at the long-established shop founded in 1928,Tankuma Kitamise main shop

Date of visit: Sunday, May 19, 2019

The opening of the Tankuma Kita store head office and the marunabe”Tsuki-dashi” and ”Maru-nabe”


It’s a short walk away from Hankyu Kyoto Kawaramachi Station and Keihan Gion Shijo Station.

Go up Kawaramachi Street from Shijyo Street and you will see a second street on your right. Turn right on that street and you will see the Takumu Kitamise’s main shop on your right.

Junichiro Tanizaka and Isamu Yoshii frequented this shop.

Reference:  the official Tenki website

Their specialty is soft-sell turtle.

I’ve never eaten soft-sell turtle, so I’m looking forward to it.

There are “Tankuma Kitaten” and “Honke Tankuma”.
Both stores were taken over by Mr. Kumasaburo Kurisu, but the management is separate.


Basic information of Tankuma Kitamise main shop

Official site 

Address355 Shijo-agaru Kamiya-cho, Nishikiya-cho, Nakakyo-ku, Kyoto
Business hours12:00-15:00 (13:30 last order)
17:30-22:00 (19:30 last order)

I recommended Tankuma Kitamise Honten for the following people


People who want to do Kyoto sightseeing efficiently.

Because it is located in Shijo Kawaramachi, the center of Kyoto, you can enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine while enjoying sightseeing.

People who want to eat soft-sell turtle hot pot easily

Soft-sell turtle was an image of tens of thousands of yen, but it is a price that is easy to try at the Tankuma Kita mise head office.

Tankuma Kitamise main shop,near Shijyo-Kawaramachi


Appearance of Tankuma Kita Store Head OfficeAppearance of Tankuma Kita Store Head Office


If you take out Kawaramachi Street, the street in front of the shop is quiet.

The seat which was passed at the head office of the Tankuma Kita storeThe seat which was reserved at the head office of the Tankuma Kita mise


The timing was good, there were no other customers.

I made a reservation at 13:00 on Saturday.

It’s as if I booked a private room.

The head office of Tankuma KitaTankuma Kitamise main shop


Because it was May, the room was decorated with armor.

The hanging scroll and the flower were alive.The hanging scroll and the flower were alive.


"Bear" is a、、、。bowl for a towel.I'll keep it up because it's cute.“Bear” is a、、、. A towel. I’ll keep it up because it’s cute.


There is considerate, so I am looking forward to cooking.

Dishes at Tankuma Kitamise main shop


I received “Hangetsu bento” (3,780 yen tax excluded) and “Marunabe” (4,220 yen tax excluded) separately.

The opening of the Tankuma Kita store head office and the marunabeTsuki-dashi and Marunabe


The served dish was sesame tofu.

A staff can ask in advance when Marunabe( soft-sell turtle) will be served.

I asked the staff to be delicious.

She was said that it was better to eat before the lunch.

A suppon full of collagensoft-sell turtles full of collagen


I pinched a soft-sell turtle.

It looks good on our skin.

The suppon which I grabbed with chopsticksThe soft-sell turtle which I grabbed with chopsticks


The soup stock was delicious with ginger.
(The fact that ginger is quite effective means that the soft-sell turtle has a considerable smell.))

There was mochi in the Marunabe, so at this time my stomach was so full.

Half-moon bento“Han-getsu Bento”


Another main dish is “Han-getsu Bento”.

Han-getsu Bento is made up of ”hassun”, ”sashimi”, ”takiawase” and ”rice” and soup is served.

”Hassun”(like appetizer)is karasukarei(a kind of fish)with miso, (skewer) anp ei, aotou(green  chili), Dashimaki(cooked egg), Yamamomo(a kind of fruits), etc.

Chidori Anpei at Tankuma Kita Store Head OfficeChidori Anpei


Chidori means bird in Japanese.

Anpei is a fish surimi.

”Sashimi” is made up of red snapper and bonito.

”Takiawase” is simmered.

”Takiawase” is made up of Kamo nasu(a kind of eggplant),Radish Makiyuba(a kind of yuba)etc.

Kamo nasu was delicious and tasted well.


 ”Rice” is two kinds.

Kayaku rice (burdock-fried,with new ginger) and white rice with yukari(a kind of sprinkle).

Soup is red soup.

Water products at the head office of Tankuma Kita storedessert


Dessert… Kinako Kazu-mochi

White sprinkles are sugar.

It’s getting hot, so White sprinkles are cool.

I thought that I was full, but it was delicious, so I ate it.

It was after 15:00 that I finished eating because I was slow.

I was full for a while until evening.

Review of Tankuma Kitamise main shop 


I didn’t reserve a private room, so I was wondering if I was messing around.

It was a room that was supposed to be about two pairs, so I was able to relax.

I’d like to have a full-fledged kaiseki instead of a lunch box this time.

After leaving the shop, we went to Kawaramachi-dori.

It is a single road about 100m from the front of the shop.

Sure enough, the shop staff had been sent off until we were out of sight.

It’s Kyoto, isn’t it?

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Sainara(See you).



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