Hirokawa|Lunch at a famous eel restaurant in Arashiyama

Date of visit: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Shirayaki of AsahikawaShirayaki


Hirokawa crosses the Togetsu Bridge from Hankyu Arashiyama Station, and if you proceed as it is, you can see it on your right.

Golden Week(It’s several holidays from the end of April to May.) was over, and it was off-season, so Togetsu Bridge was not crowded.

It takes about 15 minutes on foot.

It used to be a great line, but it has been fully booked since April 9, 2019.

I was able to make a reservation even a week ago.

I’m looking forward to eating Shirayaki after a long time.


Basic information about Hirokawa

Official site 

Address44-1 Kita-tsukuri-michi-cho,Tenryuji,Saga, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Business hoursDaytime: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (last order 2:30 p.m.)

Evening: 5:00pm-9:00pm (Last order 8:00 p.m.)

ClosedEvery Monday (including national holidays)
Other months other than the aboveYear-end and New Year holidays, January, May, October
Parking lot18 passenger cars
ReservationAll seats are by appointment only.
Reservations can be made from the same day one month prior to the reservation date.(In the case of a holiday, the next day)
If you are travelling with children under elementary school age, please make a reservation in a private room only.


Asahikawa is recommended for such people


People who want to eat Kanto-style eel.

What is Kanto around Tokyo.
What is Kansai around Osaka.

Kanto-style:Open the eel spine, bake and steam.

Kansai-style:Open the eel belly and just bake.

There are various theories, but since Kanto is a samurai culture, they dislike opening the eel belly(image seppuku), and Kansai is a merchant culture, they like opening the eel belly(image to get alone).

People who want to do Arashiyama sightseeing and eat delicious food.


Hirokawa appearance


The exterior of AsahikawaThe exterior of Asahikawa


Please be careful not to overlook the parking lot immediately at the entrance.




The eels of Asahikawa are domestic eels for all year round.

Today’s suppliers are informed at the entrance.

Today’s eels are from Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefecture.

Natural eels are from June to the end of summer.

If you are worried about natural or aquaculture, please check at the time of booking.


An introspection of AsahikawaInside the store


General seats on the first floor.

There are no Japanese pepper that are common in eel shops.

I feel Hirokawa has confidence in eels.


Hirokawa cuisine


Hirokawa won one Michelin star.

No, no, I’ll refer to Michelin, but it’s me who decides it’s delicious.

I hear that some shops in Kyoto have turned down Michelin stars.

How is Hirokawa?


Asahikawa's Oshinakimenu


I had a kabayaki course (10,000 yen tax included).

The kabayaki course can be changed to shiroyaki, so I made it to siroyaki.

Kabayaki is cooked with sauce.

Shirayaki is just cooked.


Kinoyaki in AsahikawaKimoyaki


Choose either kimoyaki(kimoyaki is a baked liver) or eel yuba roll(Eel rolled with yuba).

I’m with my companion and half at a time.

We could feel the flavor of the kimo slightly.


Unagi Yubamaki in AsahikawaEel Yubaroll


Do Yuba and eel go together? I thought.

I didn’t expect the taste.

It was surprisingly delicious without losing the taste of yuba and eel.


Washing the roses in AsahikawaKoino-arai


The vinegar miso served with Koino-arai is red miso.

Koino-arai has a slight texture and is a good match with vinegar miso with a light taste.


Yanagawa of AsahikawaYanagawa


It is a typical “The Yanagawa” with eggs, mistuba, dojo, and burdock.


Use chopsticks to put Yanagawa on the otherUse chopsticks to put Yanagawa on the other


Inside is like this.

The soup stock is delicious.


Shirayaki of AsahikawaShirayaki


The white-grilled rice that I’ve been waiting for.

The companion made it to the skewer, too, and this is also a crisp.


Kamoyaki in AsahikawaKamoyaki in Asahikawa



The also sucker of AsahikawaMushroom-filled soup


Mistuba, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms for mushroom-containing and soup.

You can choose only a soup or a red soup.

The smell of mistuba is also delicious and the soup stock is delicious.


Shirayaki, rice, soup, picklesWhite grill, rice, soup, pickles


Hirokawa is a store found in Hirokawa’s relatives in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture.

That’s why you can use red miso or choose red dashi.

The eel is also steamed in the Kanto style.

White-grilled also has a fluffy taste.

I ate rice well.

There is a little soy sauce in the pickles.

Some people like pickled vegetables with soy sauce and some do not, so I do not.

Asahikawa DessertDessert


The dessert is Nastukanto.

Nastukanto is a summer orange jelly. A famous confection of Oimatsu.

Oimatsu is a long-established Japanese sweets store near Hirokawa.

It was not too sweet, and it was as delicious as ever.

It was especially hot on this day, even if I was full, I ate it.

The time of delivery of Nastukanto changes depending on the harvest, so please check with the shop if you are concerned.

Desserts are different from Nastukanto, Bankan (grapefruit), and Yuba pudding.


The impression of the member of the gastronomy club, Hirokawa


Shirayaki was delicious.

Is it because it became known worldwide by being on Michelin?

There are a lot of customers who seem to be from overseas, and the person with bad manners is also  in the inside.

I recommend a private room for those who do not want to hear their eating with noises and do not want to be watched by the clerk’s paying attantion

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Sainara(See you).



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