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Long-established shop that makes Japanese confectionery|Oimatsu|UMAMI

Long-established shop that makes Japanese confectionery|Oimatsu

Visited date Sunday, May 12, 2019
Omatsu's Japanese sweets for this springOimatsu’s Japanese sweets released this spring



Oimatsu Kitano branch long-established store of Japanese sweets


Basic information about Oimatsu Kitano branch


Official site 

address675-2 Nagayacho, Syake Kamikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
business hours9:00~18:00
Regular holidayIrregular holidays
access11 minutes walk from Kitano Haku-bai Cho on the Randen (Keifuku) Kitano Line
6-minute walk from Kyoto City Bus Kitano Tenmangu
4 minutes walk from “Kamihichiken” on the Kyoto City Bus



Oimatsu is recommended for people like this


・People who like Japanese sweets


State of Oimatsu


Oimatsu Kitano storeOimatsu Kitano branch exterior


the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villa

A tea ceremony was set up for the general public in the former Mitsui Shimogamo Bettei, celebrating the Crown Prince becoming Emperor.

The sweets made by Mr. Oimatsu were served at the tea ceremony.



Exterior of the former Mitsui BetteiExterior of the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villa


Tea room of the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villaTea room of the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villa


It was a tea room with an impressive plum-shaped window.


Tea from the old Mitsui villaMatcha and Oimatsu sweets


It was so delicious.

Oimatsu Kitano branch


Explanation of occupational confectionery in Oimatsu storeExplanation of Yu-soku-gashi in Oimatsu Kitano branch


Yu-soku-gashi was served at the court ceremoney.

So that’s it.

That confection was served at the former Mitsui family Shimogamo villa.

I bought it today and went home.

We can only take away at Kitano branch.


At the home of the old confection "Hanairi" from Omatsu.the confection “Hanairi” at home.


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Sainara(See you).



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