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If you like coffee, don’t miss it,%Arabica Kyoto.Gion and Higashiyama Stopping Spots.|UMAMI

If you like coffee, don’t miss it,%Arabica Kyoto.Gion and Higashiyama Stopping Spots.

Date of visit Wednesday, June 12, 2019

%アラビカのカフェラテcafe latte



If you like coffee, don’t miss it,%Arabica Kyoto.


In order to provide the best coffee, they have purchased a plantation in Hawaii.

When I visited, the line was never ending.


Basic information on %Arabica Kyoto


Official Site  


Address87-5 Hoshino-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
BusinessHours 8am-6pm
Closedwithout a holiday


For people like this, I recommend drinking%Arabica Kyoto.


・People who like the robust taste of coffee beans.


Appearance of Arabica Kyoto





%アラビカの内観interior of a store


It seems that most people take out and head to their next destination.

There are about 10 seats at the counter.

It is hard to relax and drink tea.


コーヒーを淹れているようすThe clerk makes coffee.


Order in Arabica Kyoto




The above is the menu at Arabica Kyoto Higashiyama.

There are three other stores in Kyoto (Fujii Daimaru and Arashiyama), and the menu differs a bit from store to store.

Chemex coffee is only served in the morning when there are fewer visitors.

Hmm, I wanted to try it.



I ordered an Americano, which according to the shopkeeper tasted similar to Chemex coffee.

I thought it would be thin, but I could taste the beans.

I thought this coffee was better than Ogawa Coffee.

I would like to try Chemex coffee next time.


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Sainara(See you).


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