[Petit Information] 2019 Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special

Valid august 17 – September 16, 2019

"Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special" started in 2010 and has been held every February as a countermeasure such as the low season in Kyoto.

Participating restaurants are more expensive and content than usual, and are food events that serve food.

"Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special" will also be held from this year.


This event started with New York as a model.

New York has one price, but Kyoto consists of seven.

All taxes and service charges are included, 1,500 yen (sweet and sweets only) / 3,500 yen / 5,000 yen /
The price is fixed at 7,500 yen / 10,000 yen / 12,000 yen / 15,000 yen.

There is a notation of "one person OK" where even one person can visit, and the ease of light increases?

Every time we go to Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special, we have a plan, but it is also a "Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special".

As a commemorative plan for the first event, a menu using "Obama Yopari Saba" and a special accommodation plan for a limited time are prepared by a tie-up with Obama City, Fukui Prefecture.

The shop that I was interested in might also participate.

Why don't you check out the official website?
– https://krss.kyoto.travel/jp/


2019 Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special Booklet

Official Guidebook for 2019 Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special

You can send the official guidebook above by answering the questionnaire.

It was also distributed at Kyoto Station.

I'm also perusing, but I'm looking forward to it from next month as well as a chance to get to know new shops as well as shops that I was interested in.

I want to eat delicious food again!Work!

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