Tenki (Tenki) A long-established store that fuses tempura with Japanese cuisine for the first time

Date of visit: Sunday, May 12, 2019

Tenki Main's TempuraMain Tempura


Do you like tempura?

I am the Japanese who feel happiness with tempura and sashimi.

I thought that Tempura was one of the major pillars of Japanese cuisine.

It's a new dish, isn't it?

It is said that Tenki Tenki here fused the Tempura Kaiseki with Japanese cuisine for the first time.

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As a tempura lover, you have to hold it down.

I visited Tenki for lunch.



Basic information of Tenki


Tenki's Homepage 

AddressKyoto City Kamikyo-ku Senbon Imandekawakami Le Kamizenji-cho 89
AccessBy bus
From JR Kyoto Station, take a 1-minute taxi to get off at "Senbon Imadegawa" on the 101- and 50th-and-206-line buses.
About 10 minutes by taxi from Nijo Station on the JR Hagino Line
From Kitano Shiraumecho Station, Keifuku Electric Railway, by taxi for about 2 minutes
About 16 minutes from Meijin Kyoto Minami Interchange
Free parking for 10 cars




Tenki is recommended for such a person.


Beginner of a long-established restaurant in Kyoto

I went alone, but it was very comfortable.

There is a conscientious price to put easily.

There is no service charge if you are seated at the counter table, but you can receive one dish carefully like kaiseki.

In addition, the landlady came to greet us at the counter.Surprised.

I was able to see you off at the end.


For everyone who wants to eat tempura

There is also a large hall and a private room.



The appearance of TenkiThe appearance of Tenki


Tenki's counter seatTenki's counter seat


In front of tenki's counter seatIn front of tenki's counter seat


You can see the kitchen through the lattice.

Tenki's cuisine

Tenki's MenuTenki's Menu


I received a month (3,500 yen tax included).

Tenki no KobachiSmall bowl


The small bowl was Yomogi Tofu.


Tenki's boiled rice bowlBoiled rice bowl


Ginger, three-degree beans, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and tree buds are in the boiled bowl.

The soup stock is good and delicious.


Tenki's SashimiSashimi


Tuna, medium toro, toro, purple sprouts, large leaves.

Sashimi on the mountain is a luxury.


Tenki Main's TempuraMain Tempura


Shrimp, burdock, salmon, sweet potato.

I wanted to enjoy it with various seasonings, so I ate it in small portions.

Tenki's cookingCooking together


Tenki's rice and picklesRice and pickles


It was sawara rice.


Tenki's WaterWater


The vine is a grapefruit, and the sweetness of the black bean on top has been pulled out.

Tenki's GardenGarden


Tenki is famous for its garden, so I watched it slowly on my way home.

The exterior of the building with a private room in TenkiThe exterior of a building with private rooms


Reiwa The first Sidekasi in Tenki

I went to the toilet in Tenki.

Tenki's ToiletTenki's Toilet


I came from the left side.

There is a sign of the men's toilet in the front.

There is another door on the back side of the pillar.

The back is a women's toilet.


When I looked at the garden on the way home,
On the right side of the photo, i found that it is written as a private room for ladies' visitors!


I used it earlier, if a private room for men!

It's done.

Be careful.


The stop spot near Tenki is here.

Comments from members of the Gastronomy Club


It was a happy lunch with a delicious tempura.

I want to eat in a private room this time.

I noticed later that there was no smell of oil in the store.

Of course, there was no smell of fried food to clothes that tends to be after eating fried food.


The list of the establishment order of the long-established store which visited up to now is here.

Book Tenki at Ikkyu.com


I want to eat delicious food again!Work!

Recommended from the inside of the event from May to July 2019


美食俱楽部 部員







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